“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”

王枢沛是Magna Cum Laude荣誉毕业于伯克利音乐学院的音乐制作人,声音工程师,吉他手。现作为声音工程师任职于网易雷火音频部。

在美国学习期间,获得伯克利音乐学院学生成就奖学金,美国大学读写协会CRLA认证专家级音乐讲师认证,并作为辅导老师任职于伯克利音乐学院音乐制作系(MPnE Department)和学习中心(Learning Center)

曾与格莱美提名编曲人Donna McElroy合作为伯克利声乐系学生录制现场乐队原创音乐专辑。为格莱美获奖音乐人Shea Rose 制作Remix 《Do I really want to》(尚未发行)。为院线电影《民警攻略》制作EDM风格主题曲《信赖》,为网剧《外星少女柴小七》制作插曲《在梦中》。

Shupei Wang is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from Berklee College of Music. He is a music producer, sound engineer and guitarist. Now he works in NetEase Game as a sound engineer.

During his study in the US, he was awarded Berklee Student Achievement Scholarship and certified as a master tutor by CRLA. He worked as a core music tutor in the Learning Center and studio mentor in MPnE department.

He once worked with Grammy nominated artist Donna McElroy for Daytime Recording Ensemble in Berklee. And he made a remix for Grammy awarded artist Shea Rose (unreleased yet). He also arranged and mixed the theme song for Movie Mr. Corp and a song for TV series My Girlfriend is an Alien.